Phase-field for 2D materials



题目:Phase-field for 2D materials

报告人:胡知力 博士 (航空宇航学院 航空航天交叉研究院)

时间:201767日(星期三)10:10 AM




    Since the discovery of graphene, 2D materials attracted intense interest to the research circle. Growth by chemical vapor deposition is currently the most important way to obtain 2D materials.Thethe grown 2D materials has a dazzling diversity of morphologies.Take graphene for example, the observed shapes include not only hexagons, but also dodecagons, pentagons, snow flakes,gears, circles,seaguls,rectangles and even more. Meanwhile, explanations to many of these morphologies still remain challenging.

    In this talk, we try to solve the challenges aided by the phase-field method. Phase-field method is a tool that can easily simulate morphology evolution of crystals, including those are 2D.We introduce principles of the method. A series of recent works will be presented as examples to show the power of this method.These works include the explanation of shapes of MoS2, SnSe2, dodecagon graphene, truncatedtriangle shapes of MX2,shapes of 2D materials on a cone, and the effect of temperature on the dendricity of 2D grains.


胡知力,现任乐投Letou讲师,航空宇航学院特聘副研究员。2012年博士生结业于瑞典查尔摩斯理工大学,获博士学位 ;2013年结业于上海大学力学所,获工学博士学位。之后也曾在Rice大学获得BI Yakobson教授指导。主要从事纳米力学和二维质料形态方面的研究。其中在纳米力学方面主要使用板壳力学、分子动力学等要领研究纳米质料的振动、屈曲等性质。在二维质料形态研究方面主要接纳经典生长理论结合相场要领和密度泛函理论进行研究。纳米力学和二维质料形态的结合研究是近期一个主要的生长偏向。