High-performance finite elements insensitive to severe mesh distortions



题目:High-performance finite elements insensitive to severe mesh distortions


时间:2017621日(周三)10:10 AM




    The finite element method (FEM), one of the most important and efficient CAE tools, has been widely applied in variousengineering and scientific applications.Nevertheless, despite its great success, FEM still suffers from some deficiencies because of its inherent theoretical limitations.For instance, it is well known that the performances of the FEM highly dependent on the mesh qualities. Mesh distortion will not only obviously deteriorate the numerical accuracies but, in extreme cases, even lead to the breakdown of the numerical algorithm. In the past decades, tremendous efforts have been put on developing finite elements with excellent accuracies and high tolerances to mesh distortions. However a complete solution to the problem has yet to emerge.In this talk, we mainly introduce the hybrid element method and the unsymmetric element method, and present several new mesh-immune element models.Numerical benchmarks reveal that they are superior to most other existing element models.


尚闫,现任乐投Letou讲师 。20116月本科结业于华中科技大学土木工程与力学学院工程力学系 。20166月博士结业于清华大学航天航空学院固体力学研究所 。主要研究偏向包括高性能有限元理论与应用,板壳结构剖析与盘算,结构工程中的盘算力学问题 。