Research on wind turbine design and power enhancement technology




题目:Research on wind turbine design and power enhancement technology

报告人:王珑 博士(航空宇航学院 航空航天交叉研究院)





The design of wind turbines and plants involves complex multidisciplinary couplinganalysisand high performance optimization.This report introduces a developedintegrated modeling for the optimization of wind turbines and plants, coupling the parameterized modeling,the aerodynamic calculation model, the structural analysis model, noise analysis model and the gradient optimization method. Based on theoptimization system, the high performance designs of various forms of wind turbines and plants has been studied and analysis.Moreover, based on the vortex generator and winglet, the design methods and models of wind turbine power enhancement are also presented, and their mechanisms have been revealed.


Dr. Wang Long is mainly engaged in theresearches of aerodynamic-structural coupling optimization design, flow control and power enhancement technology of the large scale wind turbine.He is now responsible for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the independent project of the Key Laboratory of wind turbines, as well as participates in a number of projects, such as National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program). He has published 15 papers and got 5 patents.