Surface and interface elastic waves in phononic crystals and metamaterials



题目:Surface and interface elastic waves in phononic crystals and metamaterials

报告人:Prof. Chuanzeng Zhang University of Siegen, Germany





Surface/interface waves at the interface of two dissimilar media play an important role in science and technology, as they exhibit rich physics and potential applications in both optical and acoustic systems. One type of such surface/interface wave modes can be observed at the interface between dissimilar photonic crystals or metamaterials. The interface elastic wave mode is the elastic analog of its optical and acoustic counterparts. However, compared with the optical and acoustic systems, the investigations of the surface/interface elastic waves in phononic crystals and elastic metamaterials are quite limited and rarely reported in literature. In this talk, the surface/interface elastic waves propagating along the interfaces between a semi-infinite homogeneous background medium and a semi-infinite phononic crystal or elastic metamaterial will be presented. Numerical examples demonstrate that the surface/interface elastic waves decay rapidly into the phononic crystal (elastic metamaterial) or the homogeneous medium, and can be tuned by changing the geometrical configuration of the interfaces. A cavity which can confine the interface elastic waves is proposed. It is shown that the interface wave mode cavity can couple with other bulk wave modes, which may provide a new way for designing integrated phononic circuits. Moreover, the interface elastic waves can be utilized in many challenging applications, such as energy harvesting, sensing and collimation.


张传增教授主要从事的科研领域包括智能质料与结构力学、功效梯度质料与结构力学、压电和磁电弹质料力学剖析、弹性动力学、断裂动力学、盘算力学、盘算机仿真。张传增教授2015年获得Du Qinghua Medal & Awards of Computational Methods in Engineering。张传增教授现为德国最高级别C4教授,德国锡根大学土木工程系系主任,英国威塞克斯技术学院客座研究员,同济大学兼职教授,哈尔滨工业大学客座教授,哈尔滨工程大学客座教授,澳门大学资深客座教授(2010-2011),乐投Letou客座教授,中国建筑质料科学研究总院客座教授。201411月中选为欧洲科学院院士(European Academy of Sciences),20151月被授予斯洛伐克工业大学荣誉博士(Doctor Honoris Causa或简称Dr. h. c.),20159月中选为欧洲科学与艺术院院士(European Academy of Sciences),20166月中选为欧洲人文与自然科学院院士(Academia Europaea)。国际著名力学专家。