Composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage: from molecular modelling based formulation to innovative manufacture



题目: Compositephase change materials for thermal energy storage: from molecular modellingbased formulation to innovative manufacture

时间: 2018年09月07日(星期五) ,14:30-16:30


报告人: YulongDing ,Professor, Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage, Universityof Birmingham


Thermal energy storage (TES) refers to a collection of technologiesthat store energy in the forms of heat, cold or their combination, whichcurrently accounts for approximately 55% of global non-pumped hydro storageinstallations. This presentation will first briefly outline the background andchallenges of thermal energy storage. Recent progress will then be summarizedin TES materials, components and devices and system integration, with a focuson materials formulation based on molecular scale modelling validated throughmeasurable macroscopic properties, and manufacture of the materials viainnovative use of conventional powder technology. TES can be sensible heat,latent heat or thermochemical based. This talk shall use the latent heatstorage materials, often called phase change materials (PCMs), as an example,particularly inorganic salts based PCMs. Two key challenges for such materialsare chemical incompatibility and low thermal conductivity. The use of compositematerials provides an avenue to meeting the challenges. Such compositematerials use a structural supporting material and a thermal conductivityenhancement material. It will show that a right combination of the salt, thestructural supporting material and the thermal conductivity enhancementmaterial could give a hierarchical structure that is able to contain the moltensalt and give a substantial enhancement in the thermal conductivity. 

个人简介: Professor Yulong Ding holds the founding Chamberlain chair of ChemicalEngineering and RAEng- Highview Chair of Cryogenic Energy Storage. He is thefounding Director of Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage at the University ofBirmingham (UoB), founding Co-Director of Joint UoB – GEIRIEU Lab for EnergyStorage Research. He joined Birmingham in October 2013. Prior to hisappointment at UoB, he was Professor and Director of Institute of ParticleScience & Engineering at the University of Leeds, and founding director(2010 – 2014) of the joint Institute for Energy Storage between University ofLeeds and Institute of Process Engineering of CAS. He is a receiver ofInternational Energy Storage Innovation Award (Innovative Energy StorageApplications category, Sixth International Energy Storage Conference and Expo,2017); Outstanding Technological Contribution Award (Energy Storage Division ofChinese National Association of Electrochemical and Physical Power Sources2016); Cryogenic Energy Storage Research Chair Award (Royal Academy ofEngineering, 2014).