Controlling Connected Automated Vehicles: from Theory to Experiments



报告题目: Controlling Connected Automated Vehicles: from Theory to Experiments


报告人:   A/Prof. Gabor Orosz(密西根州立大学安娜堡分校)




In this talk I discuss our recent results about utilizing wireless V2X information obtained within and beyond the line of sight in order to control the motion of connected automated vehicles in traffic. In particular I describe the a general framework called connected cruise control which allows a connected automated vehicle to integrate well in human-dominated traffic. I will demonstrate that V2X information may be used to improve the safety and efficiency for the connected automated vehicle as well as the neighboring human-driven vehicles. The theoretical results are supported by road experiments conducted by real vehicles.



Gabor Orosz received the MSc degree in engineering physics from the Budapest University of Technology in 2002 and the PhD degree in engineering mathematics from the University of Bristol in 2006. He held post-doctoral positions with the University of Exeter and the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2010 he joined the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he is currently associate professor in mechanical engineering and in civil and environmental engineering. His research interests include nonlinear dynamics and control, time delay systems, networks and complex systems with applications on connected and automated vehicles.