Post buckling analysis and its applications on stretchable electronics and micro assembly structures



题目:Post buckling analysis and its applications on stretchable electronics and micro assembly structures






    Inorganic stretchable electronics is an emerging technology involving electronic components and circuits integrated on the soft elastomer substrate to form the functional device with excellent stretchability. Along with the development of the multidisciplinary science, stretchable electronics has exploited many significant applications in biomedicine, nanotechnology, communications and customer electronics. Some emerging technologies and products such as stretchable circuits, transfer printing, electronic eye cameraand flexible battery. The development of the emerging technologies, such as stretchable electronics poses challenges to micro fabrications. The recently reported technology that combines micro fabrication with origami Kirigami art builds an emerging technology for autonomic origami assembly of 3D structures across material classes from soft polymers to brittle inorganic semiconductors, and length scales from nanometers to centimeters.

    Structure buckling plays an important role in design and fabrication of the stretchable electronics. In design of “island bridge structure”, the deformations are mainly undertook by the buckled interconnects, which induces the excellent stretching bending properties of the whole devices. In the area of buckling induced origami assembly of 3D structures, the buckling behavior of structures also plays an important role in assembling process and final configurations. Many papers have been published on the research of elastic buckling behaviors of semiconductor or high polymer membranes. But little research has done on the elastic-plastic buckling behavior of metallic film structures and its influence on the configurations of 3D structures.

    Faced with these problems, in current work, the buckling behaviors in designs and fabrications of flexible plasmonics and three dimensional assembly of metallic film structures are studied. We focus on the relevant problems of buckling behavior which include mechanics analysis, post-buckling configurations and structure optimizations.

Keywords: Flexible electronics, Self-assembly, Post-buckling, Optimization design


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