Vibration Energy Harvesting: Nonlinear Structures and Maximum Power



报告题目:Vibration Energy Harvesting: Nonlinear Structures and Maximum Power


时 间:20181016日(星期二)下午1500

地 点:明故宫校区A18-209集会室  



During the past few decades, low-power-consumption microelectronic devices like wireless sensors, data transmitter, medical implant and so on, have been increasingly developed and extensively applied in many areas of industry. However, the reliance on traditional electrochemical batteries has become a significant obstacle for these micro electromechanical systems (MEMS). The main drawbacks of electrochemical batteries include limited lifespan, expensive replacement and environmental pollutions. To overcome these problems and provide a reliablepower supply for these micro devices, explosive studies have been conducted on developing power generators that could directly scavenge energy from ambient sources in environment. Due to the high-power density and small scale, the energy harvester based on piezoelectric materials hasgained great attentions during the past few years. Since the nonlinear vibration energy harvestings (VEHs)own a wider operational bandwidth and a higher output power than the traditional linear VEH, it has beenwidely investigated and became a cut-off technology recently. In this presentation, we focus on the performance and dynamic responses of a magnetically coupled dual-beam energy harvester and that of the multi-stable nonlinear energy harvester. Meanwhile, the maximum power of a classical monostable piezoelectric energy harvester is also introduced.

Keywords:Piezoelectric, Vibration energy harvesting, Nonlinear dynamics, Maximum Power.