Optimizations and applications of digital speckle patterns(数字散斑场优化及其应用研究)



题目:Optimizations and applications of digital speckle patterns


报告人:陈振宁 讲师(乐投Letou航空宇航学院)





As the most active and outstanding non-contact, full-field optical technique, digital image correlation (DIC) has been widely used in scientific research and industrial fields due to its simple optical setup, low environmental vulnerability, wide measuring range and the ability to measure more physical quantities. By tacking the randomly distributed speckle, DIC can obtain information of the tracked object and further calculated its full-field deformation. Thus, speckle is the basis factor of DIC, which will affect the measuring accuracy, computational efficiency, and stabilities of DIC results. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation of speckle quality, design and optimization of the digital speckle pattern (DSP), and fabrication of optimized DSP will contribute to the standardization of DIC, in details, will reduce computational errors, improve the computational efficiency and enhance the stability of DIC measurements. In order to realize the standardization of DIC, this lecture is devoted to the optimization design and fabrication of the DSPs.


陈振宁,航空航天学院交叉研究院讲师。研究兴趣包括光测实验力学、非接触变形丈量、生物力学等。2011年获兰州大学理论与应用力学理学学士,2018年获东南大学固体力学工学博士。2014-2015年赴新加坡国立大学机械工程系公派联培1年,从事数字图像相关丈量要领研究 ;2016-2017年赴多伦多大学牙医学院会见1年,从事水分流失导致的牙质剩余变形丈量及其力学机理研究。近四年宣布SCI收录学术论文10篇,其中第一作者SCI论文4篇。