Introduction to Nanomechanical Measurements with Atomic Force Microscopy



报告题目:Introduction to Nanomechanical Measurements with Atomic Force Microscopy

报告人: Roger Proksch(牛津仪器


报告所在: 明故宫校区A18-529集会室  




Whether investigating fundamental research principles or engineering a specific product, the atomic force microscope (AFM) is a key instrument for evaluating polymers and polymer blends. Its spatial resolution enables visualization of sub-micrometer and sub-nanometer morphology and structure. However, recent advances mean that AFMs can also measure the physical properties and functional behavior of polymers at small length scales. In addition to familiar topographic imaging, AFMs can probe molecular-level forces; map mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties; and assess solvent and thermal effects in near real time. This talk provides an overview of the AFM’s powerful capabilities for polymers characterization and will cover:

1.           Force-distance curves

2.           Fast force mapping

3.           Force modulation and nano-rheology

4.           Resonant “tapping” modes – phase, loss tangent and AMFM imaging

5.           Contact resonance imaging



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